I feel like a pilot. I have an overall picture and at the same time all details on customers and operations, in the same way as a pilot who always has all details on the aircraft and flight at hand.

Case 1


The bank is a member of one of the economically most successful financial institutions in the world, with a tradition going back more than 170 years. Among financial services clients, the bank is respected for its broad portfolio of innovative and high-quality products based on excellence and state-of-the-art technology.

A direct campaign in most cases utilizes the communication channels of SMS or e-mail. It is aimed at individual customers or groups of customers with common characteristics or the highest probability to buy the advertised product/service. Typical in such actions is that they convey precise information on the service in a personalized way.


The main problem in customer operations was represented by the lack of coherence in data about the bank’s customers and its portfolio. Consequently, key information on the client was being lost: how many, and which products from the entire portfolio they use.

The main reason for the lack of transparency was that the data on individual products were stored in a number of separate IT systems, with no quality link to the customer data. To allow for efficient customer administration and operation, it was essential to have a quick insight into each individual client with a clear and evident picture of their data and products. At the same time the possibility had to be created for fast, simple, on-the-spot editing of such data.


In the XCRM system, the bank saw the possibility to solve its problems, particularly to its flexible adaptability to its specific requirements and needs.

With only a short implementation period, the system is able to ensure comprehensive support to marketing and sales processes in a way that allows clear insight into all data which is required for efficient transactions with customers, as well as the editing of key data on the customer and their products.


XCRM joins all customer data from all external sources in one spot, therefore the user has the following options available in a single system:

  • The customer portal , clearly depicting all basic and detailed data on the customer
  • All available data on customer products is contained within the CRM module, which enables easy creation of work processes for marketing and sales, connected to products/services
  • The analytical module is linked to the CRM module, allowing the generation of ad-reports and detailed analyses and an overview over different data levels down to individual transactions
  • The market communication module allows to create mass and targeted marketing actions for any customer segment;
  • The data from working processes and marketing actions allow for critical assessment of results and monitoring and analyzing of the customer behavior within the working process or campaign.


Using the XCRM system, the company solved its main issues, obtained added value, and thus gained:

  • Quality and accessible customer data which can be entered into the system by sales agents, an instant and good recognition and knowledge of clients, their behavior and transaction history
  • A current and accurate insight into all data on the customer and their products, and the possibility to edit data in one place
  • A simple segmentation of customers based on products, response to marketing activities and other demographic and operational data
  • An increased activity of the existing customers due to the targeted addressing and the specific offers adapted to micro segments
  • The ability to manage and supervise sales activities, work processes and marketing campaigns
  • The ability to monitor the effects of marketing and sales and the possibility to change campaign parameters and analyze results
  • An increase in sales due to the overview of customer products and the design of appropriate strategies for up-sale and cross-sale activities
  • A higher level of customer satisfaction due to the general increase in the quality of all CRM activities

Case 2


A company with a long-standing tradition and franchises all around the world, acting in financial services with multi-purpose credit cards. This globally recognized and established brand satisfies the needs of select and affluent consumers and provides corporations and small business owners with a complete array of expense management solutions.

Its credit card is recognized as a verified and credible payment method by millions of merchants in more than 185 countries worldwide, and allows for cash withdrawal at more than a million locations.

The company creates close and genuine ties with cardholders, and the sense of belonging is additionally strengthened with unique and innovative approaches to maintaining and increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. The card offers its holder a whole range of services and usage options, as it allows different types of rate payments, a rich prize program, and a variety of monthly benefits.


To do business successfully, the company needed efficient and user-friendly system tools to:

  • Monitor the card issuing and sales process
  • Efficiently manage customers
  • Profile and segment customers
  • Manage marketing activities
  • Analyze the customer portfolio
  • Report to regulatory state authorities


XCRM impressed several franchises of the world-wide charge card giant with its comprehensive and versatile system, as it links various types of data with logical connections and enables data usage for operational use or analysis. XCRM combines and connects several basic modules required for business efficient management:

  • The DWH which stores and preparing all data to be used by the other modules
  • The operations CRM which allows a good overview of all data on customers and efficient work with customers
  • The analytical CRM which allows analysis of the entire customer portfolio, including forecastingin connection with the DWH module
  • The campaign CRM which allows comprehensive management of marketing activities, and the formation of target groups and analysis of campaign results in cooperation with the analytical CRM module, as well as automatic transfer of results to the operations CRM


The integration of different modules makes XCRM extremely adaptable to customer characteristics, needs and wishes, as it enables:

  • Adaptation of the operations CRM to the specificities of the issuing and acquiring processes
  • An algorithm for credit scoring based on demographic data and data on customer behavior
  • Websites for card holders, allowing the customers to access basic data on the card, account and transactions
  • The establishment of interfaces to report to the regulatory state authorities


Above all, XCRM integrated all various systems used in the company and enabled:

  • The supervision of issuing and acquiring processes across the sales network
  • An increase in issuing procedure speed and a shorter response time for application-processing
  • The integration of all data sets, building a comprehensive picture of the customer and allow a detailed presentation of product and service types
  • The profiling of customers based on their behavior for a more efficient work with customers and marketing activities
  • A detailed insight into authorizations and transactions
  • A reduction of 5 % in customer attrition to competitors
  • Analysis of the entire cardholder portfolio
  • Insight into own data and transactions for customers
  • Continuous automatic reporting to regulatory institutions
  • Reduced exposure to credit risk


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