Irrespective of whether I am in the office or visiting customers, I always have current insight into the operations of the individual customer. My work became more efficient, and the number of negotiated profitable transactions increased.


The company is a classic universal insurance agency with more than 1.5 million customers, and holds the reputation of a top insurance agency with excellent prospects. The insurance holder and efficiency are at the core of the company’s development strategy.

Its market breakthrough was achieved with processes unification and upgrading, especially in marketing, human resources and informatization. This provides holders with added safety, as well as better and more competitive services.

Along with good business results, the company’s long-term goal is to become even more efficient and to penetrate the European market. This goal can be reached with a daring, responsible and innovative approach centered on the customer.


In its daily operations, the company manages a number of data sources, which prevented a fast overview of customer data, and consequently also efficient work with customers. Therefore the insurance company required a comprehensive and efficient CRM system able to display all data about holders and their products in a clear and transparent way in one place.

They needed a system which could provide immediate warnings about any negative past experiences with a customer. They wished to directly include customers into various work processes connected with marketing and sale, and to receive feedback on customer reaction to each of the activities.

At the moment, marketing campaigns are still performed manually, meaning that customer response and campaign results cannot be monitored, despite the fact that these are key elements in the assessment and evaluation of the success of actions. In future, the company wishes to monitor the progress of marketing campaigns and have the data automatically transferred into the CRM system.


The company found an appropriate answer in the solutions offered by XCRM

  • A basic and detailed overview of the customers and their products in one place
  • The inclusion of customers into work processes directly from the customers portal
  • The integration of various warning methods, signals and warnings in the user or customer portal, through warnings sent by email or SMS
  • The editing of customer data in one place and automation of the customer data transfer into external systems
  • The generation of predefined financial reports and segmented lists for the customer from the CRM module
  • The utilization of all existing data for targeting when generating marketing actions
  • The agility of the XCRM supplier regarding its wishes and needs


XCRM collects, parses and logically arranges data. The analysis and segmentation of customer data allows for accurate detection of behavior patterns, addressing target groups and adaptation of the range offered to macro and micro segments.

Efficient and adapted communication brings the company and its range closer to the target groups, impacting brand awareness and customer satisfaction. New possibilities for up-sale and cross-sale activities especially mean an increase in sales.

XCRM is designed as a classic CRM, which in one place

  • Links several data sources and joins all customer data
  • Displays basic and detailed data on customers and their products
  • Allows customer tracking through the cooperation history
  • Warns about past behavior which deviates from the average
  • Allows customer data editing and automatic data transfer for external use
  • Enables direct inclusion of customers and system users into work processes
  • Predicts utilization of all customer data to prepare and perform marketing actions


The main achievement of the project is the data overview on the customer portal, which directly results in increased revenues. When working directly with the customers, the agents in the branch office or in the field have accurate data about who the customer is, what they are like, what their revenues and expenditures are, which assists them in negotiating profitable transactions.

Insight into customer history facilitates an easier and better discount policy, which directly impacts the increase of sales revenues.

The introduction of the XCRM system into the work process of the insurance company means an updating of the existing CRM. XCRM gathers and displays customer data in one place and automatically transfers data to external systems used by the company to create insurance policies, invoices, etc.

The implemented system allows for a simultaneous simple performing and analyzing of marketing campaigns, facilitating, optimizing and systemizing the company’s marketing activities.


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