I now have comprehensive and accurate data about my customers. From now on I know exactly when and what to offer to my customer, which makes satisfaction mutual. I am impressed by the comprehensive and transparent information, as this allows me to discuss concrete offers with confidence.


This company offers a full range of telecommunication services, introducing and connecting new generations of mobile and fixed communications and multimedia contents. Innovative technologies and adaptable and upgradable products facilitate the development of efficient, useful, reliable, fun and new tools for business and leisure.

The company’s aim is the satisfied customer, which is why it always strives to provide reliable and innovative work, flexible service, responsible and sustainable business operations, which are environment and people friendly.


In the very competitive telecommunications market, the problem of customers churning to competitors arose. This indicated a need for efficient churn management and existing customer retention activities.

Detailed analytics with accessible, updated and consistent data had to be established. These data are indispensable when calculating the probability of customers churning and to prepare a comprehensive support to form target groups for an efficient communication with clients.


Essential for the selection of the system solution was the flexibility and possibility to integrate all kinds of modules into the basic version of the XCRM system which can provide in one place:

  • An analytic model to define churn probability and customer value
  • Formation of micro segments and target groups with regard to available parameters (demographics, customer value)
  • The availability of data and analysis through ad-hoc reports and dashboards
  • Technical and substantial preparation of scenarios for campaigns, and the performance of marketing campaigns
  • A currently updated database to analyze and control the consistency with other report sources
  • Analysis of response to marketing campaigns and contrast with planned activities
  • Smooth operation of communication interfaces and possible interaction of customers during campaigns
  • Capture of data on customer response
  • Possible import of media strategies
  • External data import, required for the comprehensive monitoring of campaigns (ad-track, brand-track, market research)


XCRM solved this company’s problems on two levels, with two integrated system modules:

  • An analysis module for efficient management of the entire retention program, allowing for an accurate valuation of customers and calculation of customer churning probability
  • A campaign module supporting the marketing process, which allows for the preparation and performance of mass and targeted personalized campaigns and presents the customers’ response, records the results, and analyzes the success of cross-sale and up-sale activities


With XCRM, the company got accurate and updated insight into customers, their behavior and the level of risk of their attrition to the competition.

Based on all this, it formed micro segments as target groups of marketing campaigns and performed strategically oriented marketing for cross- sale and up-sale and especially to maintain customers (in the form of phone calls, personal visits and emails).

Marketing campaigns directed into up-sale and cross-sale have shown in a short time to be successful in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as in terms of increased sales.

Unexpectedly, customer retention campaigns had an opposite effect, as it turned out that addressing subscribers with a high probability of attrition individually reminded them of the approaching subscription renewal, which in fact stimulated churning to competing telecommunication service providers.


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